NursePower Empowers Nurses

NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| Apr 29th, 2022

Preventing Shoulder Injuries: Exercises to Ease Bursitis Pain

As nurses, we use our arms and shoulders a lot, transferring patients, supporting patients, lifting patients, performing routine functions over and over again. So it’s no surprise that many nurses suffer from bursitis pain. The longer we do the job, the more it just seems like a foregone conclusion…
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| Apr 22nd, 2022

Grill Recipe Series: Get Creative with Your Burgers!

Now that grilling season has returned, it’s time to talk about hamburgers. Grilling hamburgers is one of my favorite meals for 4 reasons: They are quick and easy The whole family loves them They are affordable (compared to other meats…) They are ridiculously versatile
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| Mar 24th, 2022

Back Stretches and Exercises for Nurses with BEFORE Back Issues — Part 3

The Spine Institute of America recommends strengthening pelvic, abdominal, and lumbar muscles as preventative measures to avoid the common back pains and injuries that so many nurses suffer. While most of us are familiar with ab exercises — even if we don’t like doing them! — we’re less familiar…
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| Mar 22nd, 2022

Fun Time for Nurses: Early Spring Activities to Make You Feel Alive Again

It’s been a long winter of snow storms, ice storms, and Covid conditions. But Spring is back and that means warmer weather, longer days, and lighter hearts. This month, we’re focusing on activities that will lift all of our spirits and fill our hearts with good feelings.
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| Mar 7th, 2022

Fun Time For Nurses: Indoor Winter Activities in Connecticut

Last month, I shared a number of outdoor winter activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy. And if you’re still looking for outdoor winter activities, then you should check out that article. But for those of you who want to get out of the house but not spend hours in the freezing cold, I’ve…
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| Mar 1st, 2022

Proactive Stress Relieving Techniques for Nurses — “Me Time”

Me time? What’s that, right? Ohhh, that’s all those hours I spend taking care of myself…(bursts into laughter). Yeah, we all know we need to build in some “me time” into every single day but we never do it, do we? We’re too busy taking care of other people… While that is completely true, it also…