NursePower Empowers Nurses

NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| Jul 11th, 2022

Fun Time for Nurses: Best Clam (and Lobster!) Shacks in Connecticut

After a top-notch hot dog stand, a waterfront clam shack is my absolute favorite summer-time dining spot. And Connecticut’s shoreline has some incredible little clam — and lobster! — shacks that you have just got to try this summer. This is casual dining at its best — flip flops, bathing suit,…
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Caleb Roseme| Jun 27th, 2022

Stop Delaying a Career Move — 9 Resume Writing Tips to Make Your Job Search Easier

Dusting off your resume can be a daunting task — so much so that a lot of people stay in an unhappy or overly-stressful job just to avoid updating their resume. I know, that sounds silly, but finding a new position can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself. So this month, we’re sharing 9…
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| Jun 21st, 2022

Grill Series: Super Delicious Seafood (that’s super easy to make!)

With over 600 miles of coastline, Connecticut ranks 21st in the nation for shoreline living. We have access to some of the best fresh seafood in the world, caught by the best New England fishermen. But for a lot of people, seafood can be intimidating to cook. It cooks faster than beef, chicken, or…
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| May 27th, 2022

3 Simple Stretches to Loosen Shoulders and Relieve Pain

Shoulder injuries and aches plague most nurses. We spend our shifts lifting patients, transferring patients, supporting patients — we’re using our shoulders, arms, and backs constantly in repetitive motions that wear and tear at the ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles. And the longer we do our…
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| May 25th, 2022

Top Nursing Skills that Make Your Resume Pop to Employers

Healthcare workers are in high demand all over the country, especially licensed and registered nurses. At the same time, nurses are feeling burnt out and unappreciated by their current employers. If you are starting to think that there is another position out there that will better fit the…
NursePower Empowers Nurses
Samanta Roseme| May 22nd, 2022

Grill Series: Mouthwatering Steak Marinades that Make You Go Mmmm…

Okay, the price for steak nowadays is… pricey. But as expensive as steak is in the grocery store, it is outrageously expensive in restaurants. So I’ve got a handful of marinades for you that will absolutely elevate your grilled steak to restaurant-quality flavor. Whether you’re grilling for the…