A Word From Kelley Roy, Our Clinical Administrator

What is Private Duty Nursing?

When home care services are medical in nature, it requires the experience and expertise of a nurse.

From the comfort of your own home, a private duty nurse can perform medical services that your caregiver cannot.

ASQ Homecare - Private Duty Nursing

NursePower Services

Attend Medical Appointments

We become your advocate in the room, asking the right questions, recording treatment directions, and clearly explaining everything the doctor said so you feel comfortable.

Track Health Information

We measure and record vital information, such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, etc., so it can be shared with you and the medical team members on a regular basis. 

Medication Management

We create a medication schedule that is easy for you to follow; we also administer medications so you feel confident they were given correctly and your loved one is safe.

Home Safety Recommendations

We conduct a full home safety assessment and prepare a detailed report of any safety recommendations or special equipment needed to help your loved one age safely at home.

Coordinate Care Strategies

We coordinate care strategies between all of the doctors and serve as your advocate, making sure nothing is missing, confusing, or contradictory in the homecare strategy.

Train Families in Advanced Care

We provide advanced care training for family members so you feel comfortable and confident helping with certain health needs, such as dressing, moving, and basic needs.

Bodily Waste Management

We perform ostomy care and urinary catheter maintenance, cleaning and reapplying equipment so it works correctly and does not irritate, infect, or injure your loved one.

Personal Medical Care

We provide personal medical care that prolongs health and improves quality of life, such as nail  trimming, mouth care, bowel movement supervision, and dressing while in bed.

NursePower - Listening to patient chest

How Do I Get Started?

5 Steps to a Successful NursePower Experience.

  1. Complete the NursePower Questionnaire
    Let’s first decide if you need a private duty nurse.
  2. Speak with our director, Kelley Roy, RN
    Kelley reviews your needs and answers your questions
  3. Clinical Assessment by NursePower Staff
    Kelley works with your medical team to assess your needs
  4. Develop a Personalized Homecare Program
    Together, we schedule a program for NursePower services
  5. Meet Your NursePower Nurses and Begin
    You meet your private duty nurses and begin your NursePower Journey

What If I Need to Start Immediately?

Taking care of your loved one is Priority #1. When you need a private duty nurse quickly, we perform a Quick Start to pair you immediately. Once we understand your loved one’s needs, we complete the startup program together.
Contact Kelley Roy, RN, to begin a Quick Start: 860-373-0251

Talk to Kelley

Our Role…

Aging at home is a blessing, but it can be complicated for families.

Our role is to make aging at home simpler, safer, and less stressful for you and your loved ones. 

We handle as much homecare as you need so you can take care of your many responsibilities.

As your Private Duty Nursing Agency, we help you by…

  • Listening to and understanding to your needs and wishes 
  • Working actively with your healthcare providers to create your plan of care
  • Implementing all orders for medications, treatments, etc.
  • Providing qualified registered nurses for your specific needs
  • Advocating on your behalf with your healthcare providers 
  • Providing you with an outbrief update after every home visit
  • Providing encouragement in times of grief and pain
NursePower - Client Bedside Care

Now that we have NursePower for Peter, I find it very comfortable for me because I can contact our NursePower nurse, Kelley, and leave a message, and she gets back to me.

Legal Guardian

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I already have a home care agency — how is NursePower different?

If you have a home care agency, they can provide you with the following services; bathing, toileting, dressing and grooming, transportation, meal preparation, companionship, medication reminders, house cleaning, and other chores. The services they provide are non-medical and therefore cannot meet your medical needs.

For medical services provided in your home, you need the expertise of a licensed or registered nurse and that is where NursePower helps.

What makes Assured Quality Homecare (ASQ) unique is that through NursePower we can also offer our clients private duty nurses. While other home care agencies can only provide limited services through their caregiver, we can provide our clients with full services through NursePower.

How Often Will I Need a Nurse to Visit?

This depends on your reasons for needing a private in-home nurse. 

First, we will coordinate with the rest of your healthcare providers to assess your needs. Then we will sit with you and your loved ones to develop a schedule that will meet all of those needs.

Most clients require regular help, which ranges from a few hours a week to 24-hour care. 

We built flexibility into NursePower so that you can have options. 

Some hire a nurse to oversee a specific need, such as being discharged from a healthcare facility or setting up a medication management schedule. 

Some hire a nurse on an hourly basis, such as attending medical appointments or providing advanced care training for family members. 

And some clients hire a nurse because a loved one requires constant, ongoing care, such as with hospice. “Many times,” according to Kelly Roy, RN, “especially at the end of life, families are ill-equipped or uncomfortable in making assessments that require administering narcotic medication to their dying loved one.”

Once you decide that you want a private in-home nurse, we will work with you to create the appropriate schedule to meet the health needs of you or your loved one.

How do I pay for a private in-home nurse?

Not all services are covered by your current insurance, no matter how essential they are to your loved one’s health. With a private in-home nurse, you don’t have any limitations to your available services because you pay for the services privately and, in some cases, your long-term care insurance will help to cover the cost.

Please call us at 860-373-0251 so we can set up an appointment to review your homecare needs.