I am looking for a new agency

They have not disappointed. I trust my son’s caretaker 100%. She is so caring, compassionate and patient with him. I finally  have the peace of mind to be able to leave for the day and actually be able to enjoy my day without worry.

Lori Reynolds
Quaker Hill, Connecticut

I Feel Let Down By The Quality Of Care

You want the best care for your loved one, but your current caregivers lack the skills and empathy you expect. Our diligent hiring standards guarantee honest, compassionate caregivers, so your loved one always receives superior care.

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It's A Struggle To Communicate With Our Caregiver

You need clear and precise conversations with your current caregiver, but they are difficult to understand, which increases frustration levels. Our 8-step hiring process ensures our caregivers will meet your communication needs so you can have informative conversations about your loved one’s care needs.
My loved one can't understand their caregiver.

I Am Never Certain If A Caregiver Will Show Up

You need dependable caregivers, but your current caregivers are unreliable and don’t show up when you need them. Our carefully hired and trained team is on call 24/7, so you can be confident that a caregiver will arrive on schedule, ready to provide the care you or your loved one needs.
I feel let down by the quality of service.

My Concerns Are Not Being Addressed

You want regular, informative updates from agency administrators, but your current agency rarely communicates with you, leaving you confused and uncertain. Our administrative team provides steady, reliable updates so you can have peace of mind about your loved one’s homecare program.
My voice is not heard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can you speak to about your care needs?

 Complete our short questionnaire below and speak with our care navigator to help you determine the services that will help you maintain your loved one's independence while supporting their daily living needs. 
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What are the skills of caregivers providing the care and what training have they received?

We've partnered with the Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board (EWIB) and Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) to develop a caregiver training program that ensures your loved one's caregiver can provide their non-medical home care needs. You can have peace of mind knowing that the caregiver walking through your door is prepared to serve you.

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If you use our services, who would you contact if you had questions or concerns?

We provide you with office support staff who are available 24/7. We also have field supervisors that regularly visit to evaluate your loved one's caregivers and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Lastly, we provide you an online family portal that allows you to view your loved one's weekly schedule and the caregivers who are coming to provide care for them.

Are our caregivers employees or contractors?

All of our caregivers are employees.

Can we provide care for you loved one on a short term basis?

Yes, we can! Our care is always determined by what your loved one needs. We have a respite care program designed specifically for short term care needs.

How will you know what care your loved one received from our caregiver?

Our caregivers document the care they provide in our mobile app to enhance the service we provide your loved one. They write daily notes, activities, observations, and other pertinent information. This information is shared with your loved ones caregiving team to promote transparency and the sharing of best practices for your loved one's benefit. This information is also shared with you through our online family portal. Families who use our service love this feature because it lets them know how their loved one's day went and the care they received.

How soon can we start?

Once you have met with our care navigator for a home safety evaluation and assessment to determine your loved one's care needs, we will develop a comprehensive care plan and train and orient your caregivers to start providing care immediately. This process typically takes 36 to 48 hours and is the best way to ensure a smooth start.
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Your not sure if your loved one's long-term care insurance covers non-medical home care.

If you are struggling to review and understand your loved one's long term care policy, we can assist you with the process. We have experience working with the nine major long-term care insurance carriers and can help you understand what your loved one's contract covers and, if needed, coach you through the process of getting qualified. Once your loved one is approved, we will submit the required paperwork for you every week to ensure you are reimbursed promptly for the services we provide to your loved one. We do all this as an added value at no additional cost to you.

How often do we evaluate and update your loved one's plan of care?

We continuously refine your loved one's non-medical care plan to ensure they receive the best care possible. Our caregivers document the activities they perform every visit and alert us to changes regarding your loved one's care. Additionally, we conduct field supervision visits, reviewing and updating the care plan as needed.

Can we provide care to two people at the same time?

Yes, we can! Many of our clients take advantage of our light care program for their loved one’s spouse for a small additional fee.

Can I trust you to care for my loved one?

As a Home Care Pulse Certified – Trusted Provider, we are committed to your satisfaction. We contract with Home Care Pulse to gather and report past and current clients' feedback by conducting monthly phone interviews. Because Home Care Pulse is an independent third-party company, they collect honest and unbiased feedback without outside influence. Also, our ratings on Facebook, Google, Caring.com, and Homecare Pulse will help you in your decision-making process. Ultimately, we believe that we have to earn your trust. Over time as we care for your loved one, our actions will confirm that you decided to invest in a relationship with the best home care agency. Read more of our client's success stories or reviews on other websites and learn what others say about partnering with us.

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What is our caregiver selection process?

Great caregivers are challenging to find, so we assess your loved ones caregivers to ensure they have integrity, compassion, dedication, and are resourceful. Every caregiver who walks through your front door must undergo a rigorous eight-step hiring process, including reviewing skills, experience, work-related values, background, substance abuse, and a physical check. Throughout the hiring process, we assess their verbal and writing skills to ensure they can immediately relate to your loved one when they walk through their front door. Additionally, they are supervised and trained by our staff to help them further develop their skills.

Can you care for my loved one if they are in a facility (hospital, nursing home, or assisted living)?

Yes, we can. We provide care services to almost anywhere they call home.

What Is Your Service Area?

We currently serve the towns and cities located in Southeastern Connecticut. See our service map below.

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