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By: Samanta Roseme Posted: Mar 1st, 2022
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Proactive Stress Relieving Techniques for Nurses — “Me Time”

Me time?

What’s that, right? Ohhh, that’s all those hours I spend taking care of myself…(bursts into laughter).

Yeah, we all know we need to build in some “me time” into every single day but we never do it, do we? We’re too busy taking care of other people…

While that is completely true, it also has a tendency to set us up to be martyrs, doesn’t it? In some ways, as long as we’re spending our time taking care of others, we can rationalize not taking care of ourselves.

But how is that working for us, really?

Not so good.

This year, we really need to commit to scheduling blocks of “me time” into our schedules. No, not just “planning” to do it. No, not just “hoping” to do it. No, not just “living-in-the-moment” to do it. We have to commit and schedule the time right now. 

But what does “me time” actually look like?

Here are some simple moments that you can commit to by scheduling them ahead. And we know, taking a luxurious bubble bath is a great “me time” moment but when do you ever actually do it? Sometimes, commitment requires booking something and spending some money to make sure that you actually follow through on it.


Me Time Moment #1: Book a Massage NOW!

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Do it right now. Then come back because I’ve got some other great ideas…

Booking a 60 minute massage is just what the doctor ordered. You get relaxation. You get attention to all your sore muscles. You get some headspace to just enjoy something that is all just for you.

If you’ve never had a massage, then you need to find one in your area with good ratings and just call now and book an appointment. Listen, the more you think about this, the less likely you are to follow through. Book. It. Now.

Go ahead, NursePower is giving you permission to do this nice thing for yourself and NOT feel guilty about it.


Me Time Moment #2: Book a Spa Half Day NOW!

Okay, one massage is simply not enough and, frankly, you deserve even more. You deserve the ½ day spa treatment (or maybe even the full day spa treatment…hmmm)We’re talking body massage, foot massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, microdermabrasion, aromatherapy, maybe a little ear candling. Whaaat? You heard me…see what I did there?

Take your daughter, take your mother, take your best friend, or just go by yourself for a truly relaxing day of just you. 

But, of course, to commit means to book. So take out your calendar, pick a date, and call the spa now to book your me time.


Me Time Moment #3: Pay Someone to Clean Your House

If you’re not already doing this, you should really treat yourself to a full house deep clean. Of course you’ll pick things up before the cleaners get there — who wouldn’t? — but they are going to clean your home like it’s never been cleaned before. 

Getting your home deep cleaned is like getting your house brand new all over again. Maybe even better. It will smell refreshed, look refreshed, and feel refreshed. And the best part is that all that work will be done without you having to lift a finger. 

Which means that it reduces your stress caused by the mess in your home, it reduces the anxiety you feel about never getting to it all yourself. Now it’ll be done and you can let go of that burden and feel refreshed yourself.

Look at your local reviews for cleaning services, call a friend for a recommendation, and then book the cleaning. Commit and schedule their arrival for a week from now so you can enjoy your home again.


Me Time Moment #4: Go Glamping

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Glamping is camping without all the ickiness. You get all the de-stressing benefits of a weekend spent in nature without all the work of camping — and let’s face it, camping has all the same chores of normal life but without the electric appliances.

With glamping, you get luxurious sleeping accommodations, a personal cook to prepare and serve your meals, and tons of free time to enjoy hiking, kayaking, walking, mountain biking, or just sitting in a flowery field staring at the clouds. 

Yes, you could pick a weekend getaway somewhere typical, but the beauty of glamping is that you get tranquility. Time spent in cities and towns can be tremendously fun but how often have you come home from a vacation only to feel you need another vacation?

Glamping gives you all the restfulness of nature’s simplicity — unplug, decompress, re-center your soul by stepping deeply into nature.


Me Time Moment #5: Talk to a Counselor

Even if you have a loving spouse, trustworthy friends, or devoted siblings and parents, sometimes talking to them just doesn’t do the job.

Many times, having a totally objective, new person to share your stress, anxiety, thoughts, and problems with makes a world of difference in the weight of that burden you tend to carry with you all day everyday. 

Even if you just book a couple of sessions, talking to a counselor or therapist can do you some real good as you find yourself opening up about things going on inside your mind and heart that you’ve been holding onto for way too long. 

Taking this opportunity to care for yourself mentally and emotionally can rejuvenate your spirit and help you unburden your soul in ways that you just can’t imagine. 

Talk to your doctor and get a referral now to a trusted local counselor or therapist so you can book your appointment and get unburdened now.


NursePower Empowers Nurses!

There are all sorts of small and big ways to create “me time” for yourself. The problem is that we rarely do it because “me time” is the easiest time to sacrifice. We think of it as extras, luxuries, and therefore unnecessary when compared to all the things we have to do in our daily lives.

But without taking the “me time,” we start doing all those other daily requirements less effectively. And when we get worse at the have-to-dos then we start to feel badly about ourselves and we start to add stress and anxiety about not being very good at living.

Yes, we should all make time to exercise. Yes, we should all make time to spend with family and friends. Yes, we should all make time to pursue our own interests and hobbies.

Unfortunately, we don’t because while we want to do those things, we are all too willing to sacrifice those moments for ourselves to help other people. So we need to be firm with ourselves and schedule specific “me time” moments that we can’t back out of so easily. 

Commit to taking care of yourself in 2022 and book some of these “me time” moments for yourself right now.

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