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Fun Time for Nurses: Best Hot Dog Stands in Connecticut

Hot dogs are my guilty pleasure. I love them.

And hot dog stands — good hot dog stands — are something that make me smile and rub my hands together in anticipation. 

For one, hot dogs are just so summery. They epitomize summer nights and charcoal BBQ smells in neighborhood and a baseball game on the radio. 

For another, hot dogs are so versatile. You can dress them up, you can dress them down. You can grill them, griddle them, boil them, or roast them over a campfire. 

Personally, I like to know my hot dog is a hot dog so I go light on the toppings. And I like my dog to pop when I bite into it so I look for natural casing hot dogs. Finally, I prefer a spicy, well-seasoned hot dog to a milder one.

Fortunately, for all of us, Connecticut is a treasure trove of incredibly high quality hot dog stands.

Before we dive in, I have to confess that I’ve written this article as my own personal hit list of hot dog stands that I want to visit this summer. My ranking criteria is pretty simple: at least 300 reviews and the highest stars in the land.

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#1 Rated: Riley’s Hot Dog and Burger Gourmet

Located in New Britain, Riley’s tops the list with 4.7 stars and just shy of 700 customer reviews. With awesome hand-cut fries and a selection of craft beers, Riley’s is top of my tour list.


#2 Rated: Dogtown

Located in Milford, Dogtown also has 4.7 stars but just 364 customer reviews, making it my second stop on the hot dog stand tour. A true roadside hot dog stand, this local favorite also offers the best tater tots in Connecticut and incredible shakes.


#3 Rated: Blackie’s Hot Dog Stand

Another true hot dog stand, Blackie’s is located in Chesire and has 4.6 stars with a whopping 1300+ customer reviews. Blackie’s has been around a while and they are famous for their homemade spicy relish.


#4 Rated: Capitol Lunch

Located in New Britain, Capitol Lunch has 4.6 stars and 1100+ customer reviews. They’ve been serving up dogs since 1929 and if you love music, you’ll get a huge kick out of the hundreds of musician photos on the walls. They’re famous for their homemade chili so make sure you get a chili dog.


#5 Rated: Super Duper Weenie

Super Duper Weenie would make my list for the name alone, but it’s also got 4.6 stars and over 700 customer reviews. I’m particularly excited to try their homemade sauerkraut that everyone raves about. Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, this is a Fairfield favorite.


BONUS Stand: Up and Coming “Must Try”

Dog Daze Cafe in Wilton only has 114 customer reviews but it’s got 4.8 stars right now. Attached to the cutest produce stand I’ve ever seen and serving the most incredible looking homemade onion rings, Dog Daze Cafe may actually be the first hot dog stand I hit. Everything about it screams “memory-maker” for me, including sitting outside at the counter windows watching the cooks work their hot dog magic.


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