By: Samanta Roseme Posted: Feb 3rd, 2023
Senior Care

8 Ways to Get Your Loved One Moving and Shaking

Getting older doesn’t mean you must slow down or stop moving altogether. Staying active is key to maintaining both physical and mental health, especially for seniors. Physical activity can help prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, and also improve mood, sleep, and cognitive function.

However, our loved ones sometimes resist physical activity, particularly as they grow older,  making it difficult for family members and caregivers to encourage them to stay active.

If you’re looking for ways to help your loved one get moving and shaking, here are 8 fun and engaging ways to do just that:




Dancing is a great way to stay active and improve coordination, balance, and endurance. Dancing is low-impact and fun and older adults can enjoy learning new dance moves and spending time with others in the community in a supportive environment.

Look for local dance classes that cater to seniors, or consider signing up for lessons with a partner or a group of friends.




Gardening can be a great way for your loved one to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and stay active. Whether it’s digging, planting, or simply tending to their garden, your loved one can enjoy the physical benefits of gardening while also spending time in nature.


Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that has been shown to have many benefits for seniors, including improved balance and flexibility. Tai Chi can be done in a group or alone, making it a great option for your loved one who may not be comfortable in more high-energy environments.


Group exercise classes: 


Joining a group exercise class is a great way to get motivated and stay active. Whether it's yoga, tai chi, or water aerobics, there is a class for everyone, and you can enjoy the social benefits of exercising with others. Many senior centers and community organizations offer exercise groups specifically designed for seniors. These groups can be a great way for your parents or grandparents to get moving, make friends, and stay engaged with their communities.


Board games: 


Board games are a fun and engaging way to stay active mentally and socially. Get a group of friends or family members together for a game night, or find a local seniors club that hosts game nights.




Yoga is a gentle exercise that can help your loved one improve their flexibility, balance, and strength. Many senior centers and community organizations offer yoga classes designed for older adults, making it a great option for those new to yoga.




Swimming is a great low-impact exercise that your loved one can try, which is easy on joints, making it an ideal option for seniors. Swimming can also be a fun and social activity, as many senior centers and community pools offer swimming classes and social events.


Virtual fitness classes: 


Virtual fitness classes can be a great option for your loved one who may be more comfortable staying at home. With a computer or tablet, mom or dad can access various online fitness classes, from yoga and Pilates to dance and cardio.

No matter what activity you choose, the important thing is to stay active, have fun, and enjoy the journey. Encourage your loved one to try one of these activities, especially as they grow older,  so they can stay healthy and happy. 

How Assured Quality Homecare Can Help

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