Providing clients and families with in-home care services that create relief and peace of mind.

Homecare Challenges We Can Help You Solve

I Need Care for Myself

  • I can't live home without additional help.
  • I don’t want to overburden my children.
  • I can't go home without extra help.
  • I want to stay in my community.

I Need Care for My Spouse

  • I am hesitant to leave my spouse alone.
  • I am overwhelmed by my spouse's care needs.
  • My spouse desires to remain at home.
  • I need extra help to bring my spouse home.

I Need Care for My Parent

  • I can't leave my parent home alone.
  • My parent’s health is declining.
  • I'm uncertain about the services my parent need.
  • My parent can’t go home without extra help.

I Am Unhappy With My Agency

  • I feel let down by the quality of care provided.
  • It's a struggle to communicate with our caregiver.
  • I am never certain if a caregiver will show up.
  • My concerns are not being addressed.

See How Clients Like You Are Finding Success with ASQ Homecare

What prompted you to start looking for a home care agency? My mom had a week-long stay in the hospital, followed by a week-long stay in rehab.  My sister and I were worried that she hadn't recovered all of her strength and thought she could use some extra help.

Why did you choose Assured Quality Homecare? ASQ was one of several places recommended by my mother's senior living complex because of the positive experiences of other residents.  I thought their website and information was extremely professional and helpful, so I called them first.

What has been your overall experience with the services provided to you by ASQ? The initial nursing evaluation was prompt and very helpful.  The nurse shared some breathing exercises that my mom has been using.  Having an ASQ aide has provided peace of mind for my sister and I.  My mom is very independent and does not like help, but her caregiver had just the right approach, and my mom is thrilled to have her around. My mom is busy planning activities for them to do!  Her strength is improving every day, and she is doing her breathing exercises too.

What has been your overall experience with the services provided to you by ASQ? Relief

Kathy Parker | Stonington, Connecticut

How Do I Get Started?

We offer you a Free Home Care Needs Assessment conducted by a NURSE. Why a nurse? Because they understand your loved one's medical condition and can educate you on proper care strategies. We believe that only a nurse can develop a comprehensive care plan that continuously meets your loved one's care needs.

We find joy in caring for you.

Meet Our Award Winning Team

It can be stressful to place your loved one in the hands of a stranger. Our team personalizes your loved one's care based on both of your needs so that you can feel happy and confident about the person providing the caring.

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