Assured Quality Homecare

Our Home Safety Evaluation Program

According to the Center for Disease and Protection each year, millions of older people—those 65 and older—fall. Most of these falls don’t result in injuries however, one out of five falls cause serious injuries such as a broken bone or a head injury. The scary part is that two-thirds of those who fall, will fall again within six months.

Falls and injuries are often due to hazards that are easily overlooked, but simple to fix. We conduct a home safety evaluation in order to assess and document your loved ones home environment for fall hazards. This is a FREE, No Obligation, evaluation that we offer to the families that we meet. Our safety evaluation is a 104 point inspection that allows us to document the details of any potential hazards inside or outside the home, and quickly share the assessment with family members and interested parties. We can even upload photos of areas that require attention to complement detailed notes about each area of the home.

Once complete, each safety evaluation is saved and tracked so that we can easily document and report on safety conditions before and after hazards are resolved. If needed, we will even recommend home modification and safety equipment providers. Please see the video below for more information about our safety evaluation.