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Our friend at ClearCare wrote a wonderful article providing the top 5 home modification costs. We are committed to keeping your loved one safe at home and hope that you find this article useful to you.

Top 5 home modifications and estimated costs

  1. Widened doorways: Doorways that are 36” wide will make it easier for wheelchairs and walkers to fit through. Price varies depending on number of doors and modifications needed.
  1. Installing Ramps: Adding ramps to the entrance and interior of a home will help seniors with balance  and mobility issues and can be worth the cost as a safety precaution. A good contractor  should know  the right angle and size to build the ramp. Cost can vary from $800 to $2200 based on  materials and  ramp sizes
  2. Lowered countertops and sinks: Having a variety of levels of countertops is helpful if individuals want to sit or stand while working at the counter. Having appliances and the sink easily accessible  from a seated position is important for seniors to move around and do things in the kitchen with  minimal assistance. A roll under sink is also a great option for individuals in wheelchairs. Costs vary  depending on material desired and amount needed.
  3. Bathtub modifications: Replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower provides easier and safer entry for your  aging loved one than a typical tub. If they have difficulty standing, a walk-in bathtub may work  better.  Depending on the bathroom space, you may not need additional remodeling and renovation.
  4. Levered door handles and pulls for drawers: Replace or add handles on drawers and doors with “C”- or  “D”-  shaped pulls. These pulls make it easier to open doors and drawers and are easy to install. This  simple  change  can make daily life a lot less frustrating and painful for individuals with arthritis or  dexterity issues.  Handles can  vary from $1 to $20 depending on style and can be installed fairly  quickly.