Assured Quality Homecare

It’s simple, right?  Do the laundry, cook some meals, run some errands.  Sounds basic enough.  Is training for a home aide really necessary?  In Connecticut, a caregiver is not required to be certified and/or trained!

We disagree.  We think that home caregivers need even more training and preparation than staff in institutional settings.  According to a recent study at the University of California, [caregivers] “are now providing care to more nursing-home eligible individuals in home settings than ever before. Unlike their counterparts in institutional settings, personal care aides in home settings must perform their duties with minimal direct supervision and little or no access to professional consultation.”

At Assured Quality Homecare, we believe that our caregivers need to meet a higher standard of training.  Not only is there a massive difference in the health and safety of our clients, our caregivers have more confidence and higher job satisfaction.  We have even seen that proper, proactive care can slow degradation of health giving our clients more years to their life and more life in their years.